Artifacts are a side area of Doodle God (App) and the Facebook social game. They are only unlocked if you have the necessary elements for creation. For example, you cannot create Lightsaber without first creating Sword, Energy, and Light.


Eiffel tower: Metal + Tower + Skyscraper

Stonehenge: Stone + Stone + Stone

Holy Grail: Blood + Resurrection + Demigod

Lightsaber (Artifact): Sword + Energy + Light

Pandora's box: Chaos + Death + Darkness

Perpetual: Mechanism + Void + Energy

Ring of power: Lava + Magic + Demon

Godzilla: Dinosaur + Radiation + Sea

Titanic: Ship + Ice + Death

Pyramid of Cheops: Sand + Corpse + Stone

Sphinx: Human + Beast + Stone

Basilisk: Lizard + Poison + Stone

Santa's Sleigh: Snow + Wood + Human

Pinocchio: Wood + Life + Tools (Only available in Doodle God (App) versions 2.5.1 to 2.5.7)


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