Doodle Devil is an app developed by JoyBits.


Some elements are exclusive in the app version of Doodle Devil (meaning Elements not present in the PC version). For ease of use, this page includes any elements present in the app version.

Element Created Combine this And this
Acid Sulfur Water
AI Computer Life
Airplane Air Car
AK-47 Firearm Magic
Alien Void Life
Angel Life Light
Armor Metal Warrior
Army Order War
Armageddon War Biological weapon
Ash Fire Beast or Tree
Astaroth Demon Knowledge or Pride
Athiesm Heresy Human
BFG 9000 Weapon Inferno
Baal Demon War or Weapon
Bacteria Spore Life
Bat Vampire Air
Battle cruiser Cannon Water
Bazooka Missile Weapon
Biological weapon Bacteria Weapon
Blood Human Weapon
Bomb Metal TNT
Bomber Airplane Bomb
Book Human Knowledge
Cannon Bomb Weapon
Car Mechanism Oil
Castle Armor House
Cellphone Computer Radiowave
Cellulose Grass Work
Censored Sex Sex
Cerberus Beast Death
Chaos Nuclear Bomb War
Chemical weapon Poison Gas Weapon
Chimera Beast Demon
City House House
Coffee Energy Seeds
Communism Sect Demon or Army
Computer Book TV
Copyright Demon Order
Corpse Human Death or Fire
Corruption Money Politician
Crow Pigeon Witch
Cthulhu Demon Water
Cyberspace Internet Life
Cyborg AI Robot
Death ray gun Alien Weapon
Death star Space ship City
Desert Eagle Firearm Pride
Democracy Politician Politician
Dictatorship Politician Army or Demon
Diseases Human Tobacco
Disintegrator Void Weapon
Dragon Egg Magic
Earthquake Earth Earth
Egg Magic Stone
Electricity Energy Metal
Elf Human Light
Empire Politician Army
Energy Air Fire
Envy Greed Sin
Epidemic Chaos Diseases
Firearm Gunpowder Weapon
Fish Beast Water
Flamethrower Fire Weapon
Force field Energy Armor
Food Beast Weapon
Frankenstein Corpse Electricity
Friendship Man Man
Gambling Greed Human
Ghost Ash Life
Ghoul Corpse Zombie
Gluttony Food Sin
Grass Earth Seeds
Greed Money Sin
Gunpowder Acid Cellulose
Hacker Knowledge Computer
Hand grenade Bomb Soldier
Heavens Human Prayer
Helicopter Air Cannon or Mechanism
Heresy Religion Sin
House Human Stone
Hydra Beast Snake
Inferno Sin Soul
Kronos Demon Wrath
Land mine Earth Bomb
Laser Fire Radiowave
Lava Earth Fire
Lawyer Copyright Human
Leather Human Torture
Life Man Woman
Light saber Forcefield Laser
Lust Sex Sin
Magic Demon Energy
Mammon Demon Greed or Money
Mechanism Metal Work
Medusa Demon Stone
Metal Fire Stone
Missile Bomb Rocket
Money Demon Soul
Murder Corpse Sin
Mushroom Earth Seeds
Mutant Human Darkness
Napalm Oil Fire
Necromancer Zombie Wizard
Nuclear Bomb Bomb Mushroom
Oil Earth Knowledge
Pegasus Pigeon Unicorn
Phoenix Fire Pigeon
Pigeon Air Rat
Piranha Fish Weapon
Plasma Fire Energy
Plasmagun Plasma Weapon
Poison Coffee Tobacco
Poison gas Air Poison
Politician Human Pride
Potion Magic Water
Prayer Angel Human
Pride Sin Sin
Psychology Heresy Human
Radar Air Radiowave
Radiation Radiowave Radiowave
Radiowave Air Electricity
Rat Beast Diseases
Razorvine Grass Weapon
Religion Human Prayer
Resurrection Corpse Soul
Robot Knowledge Sloth
Rocket Airplane Void
Sacrifice Murder Religion
Satellite Void Rocket
Scientist Knowledge Knowledge
Scroll Magic Leather
Sect Heresy Religion
Seeds Apple Earth
Sex Man Woman
Shub-Niggurath Demon Gluttony
Sloth Sin Work
Skeleton Earth Corpse
Snake Egg Worm
Soldier Warrior Firearm
Soul Demon Human
Space ship Rocket Battle cruiser
Spacemarine Soldier Space ship or Void
Spell Magic Knowledge
Spellbook Magic Book
Spore Mushroom Seeds
Steam Water Air or Lava
Stone Lava Air or Water
Styx Death Water
Submarine Battle cruiser Fish
Succubus Demon Lust or Sex
Sulfur Air Inferno
Surveillance Knowledge War
Tank Armor Car
Terrorism Chaos War
Theft Money Sin
TNT Acid Oil
Tobacco Fire Grass
Torture Suffering Human or Suffering
Tower House Wizard
Tree Earth Seeds
Tsunami Earthquake Water
TV Demon Mechanism
UFO Alien Rocket
Unicorn Beast Magic
Vacuum bomb Bomb Void
Vampire Blood Human
Virus Diseases Human
Void Heavens Inferno
Wand Magic Weapon
War Politician Pride
Warrior Human Wrath
Weapon Human Metal
Werewolf Beast Human
Witch Magic Woman
Wizard Energy Human
Wolf Beast Wrath
Work Human Money
Worm Earth Life