Doodle Devil is a game in the Doodle God franchise.

List of Elements

Element Created Combine this And this
AI Computer Life
Acid Sulfur Water
Air N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Angel Life Light
Apple N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Ash Fire Beast
Atheism Human Heresy
Beast N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Blood Weapon Beast
Bomb TNT Metal
Book Knowledge Human
Car Sloth Human
Cellphone Computer Radiowave
Censored Sex Money
Chaos N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Coffee Seeds Energy
Computer TV Book
Copyright Demon Order
Corpse Fire Human
Cthulhu Demon Water
Cyborg AI Robot
Darkness N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Death Darkness Energy
Demon Beast Darkness
Diseases Human Tobacco
Dragon Magic Egg
Earth N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Egg Magic Stone
Electricity Energy Metal
Energy Air Fire
Envy Sin Greed
Fire N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Fish Beast Water
Food Weapon Beast
Frankenstein Corpse Electricity
Friendship Man Man
Gambling Greed Human
Gluttony Sin Food
Grass Seeds Earth
Greed Sin Money
Heavens Human Religion
Heresy Sin Religion
House Human Stone
Human N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Hydra Snake Beast
Inferno Death Fire
Internet Computer Computer
Knowledge N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Lava Earth Fire
Lawyer Copyright Human
Life Man Woman
Light N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Lust Sin Sex
Magic Demon Energy
Man N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Mechanism Metal Work
Metal Stone Fire
Money Soul Demon
Murder Sin Corpse
Mushroom Seeds Earth
Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Bomb
Oil Knowledge Earth
Order N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Dove Rat Air
Poison Snake Weapon
Politician Pride Human
Prayer Angel Human
Pride Sin Sin
Psychology Heresy Human
Radiowave Electricity Air
Rat Beast Diseases
Religion Prayer Human
Robot Sloth Knowledge
Sect Heresy Religion
Seeds Apple Earth
Sex Man Woman
Sin N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Sloth Sin Work
Snake Egg Worm
Soul Demon Human
Steam Water Lava/Fire
Stone Water/Air Lava
Suffering Human Fire
Sulfur Inferno Air
TNT Oil Acid
TV Demon Mechanism
Theft Sin Money
Tobacco Fire Grass
Tree Seeds Earth
Vampire Blood Human
War Politician Pride
Water N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Weapon Human Metal
Werewolf Beast Human
Witch Woman Magic
Woman N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Work Human Money
Worm Earth Life
Wrath Sin Weapon
Zombie Corpse Life


  • Cthulhu changes to Demon Group in the Version 2.0 from Doodle Devil (App).

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