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Doodle Farm is an app game developed by JoyBits.


Doodle God website description:

Put on your boots and cowboy hat and head to Doodle Farm! Ever wondered what would happen if you combined a dog with a turtle? In a universe of thousands of adorable animals that allows you to breed what ever your heart desires you can find out. Start with four simple creatures and watch in wonder as you build a gigantic and fantastical animal kingdom from your bare hands (well almost bare anyway:).

  • Create 135+ different animals!
  • Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes!
  • Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!
  • Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!
  • A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!
  • Learn more about every animal you create!

List of Elements

These are the Elements of Doodle Farm, alphabetized.

Element Combine this and this
Albatross Seagull Cheetah
Anchovy N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Ant Worm Mouse
Anteater Raccoon Elephant
Antelope Leopard Moose
Badger Panda Gopher
Bat Mouse Crow
Bear Shark Beaver
Beaver Rat Hamster
Bee Zebra Fly
Boar Pig Mammoth
Bug Snail Cockroach
Butterfly Fly Hummingbird
Camel Cow Donkey
Cat Mouse Mouse
Catfish Pigeon Seal
Cheetah Cat Lynx
Chick Chicken Rooster
Chicken Egg Egg
Chinchilla Mouse Squirrel
Cobra Tarantula Worm
Cockroach Mouse Ant
Cow Goat Moose
Crab Shrimp Scorpion
Crocodile Shark Lizard
Crow Pigeon Rat
Cuckoo Sparrow Crow
Deer Moose Lynx
Dingo Wolf Dog
Dinosaur Raptor Mammoth
Dog Cat Rat
Dolphin Monkey Penguin
Donkey Goat Ram
Duck Beaver Chicken
Eagle Piranha Duck
Eel Cobra Herring
Egg N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Elephant Giraffe Hippopotamus
Falcon Crow Ostrich
Flamingo Pigeon Heron
Flounder Anchovy Shrimp
Fly Mosquito Cockroach
Fox Dog Magpie
Frog Kangaroo Lizard
Giraffe Ostrich Horse
Goat Pig Cat
Goose Rooster Turkey
Gopher Heron Cat
Gorilla Ox Mokney
Grasshopper Mouse Mosquito
Griffon Dog Eagle
Guinea pig Hamster Mouse
Hamster Rat Mouse
Hawk Eagle Falcon
Hedgehog Porcupine Hamster
Heron Duck Ostrich
Herring Anchovy Anchovy
Hippopotamus Crocodile Penguin
Horse Cow Deer
Hummingbird Sparrow Mosquito
Hyena Dog Griffon
Iguana Cobra Lizard
Jackal Hyena Fox
Jaguar Cat Cheetah
Kangaroo Rabbit Chinchilla
Kiwi Chick Mosquito
Koala Kangaroo Bear
Ladybug Bug Butterfly
Leech Anchovy Mosquito
Lemur Cat Zeebra
Leopard Lynx Cheetah
Lion Horse Tiger
Lizard Pike Cobra
Llama Camel Horse
Lobster Shrimp Sea cucumber
Lynx Cat Fox
Magpie Rat Crow
Mammoth Squirrel Elephant
Manatee Shark Cow
Minx Cat Hamster
Moby Dick Shark Whale
Mole Mouse Ant
Monkey Lemur Squirrel
Moose Donkey Goat
Mosquito Ant Chick
Moth Leech Mosquito
Mouse N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Mussel Anchovy Snail
Ostrich Peacock Rooster
Owl Eagle Mole
Ox Boar Cow
Panda Polar bear Bear
Panther Lynx Leopard
Parrot Peacock Crow
Peacock Pigeon Chicken
Penguin Herring Duck
Pig Turkey Hippopotamus
Pigeon Sparrow Sparrow
Pike Herring Eel
Piranha Cat Herring
Platypus Beaver Duck
Polar bear Bear Penguin
Polar fox Polar bear Fox
Porcupine Squirrel Raccoon
Praying mantis Cockroach Grasshopper
Rabbit Squirrel Beaver
Raccoon Squirrel Beaver
Ram Pig Goat
Raptor Gorilla Crocodile
Rat Mouse Mouse
Rhinoceros Woodpecker Hippopotamus
Rooster Chicken Chicken
Scorpion Rat Ant
Sea cucumber Shrimp Turtle
Seagull Polar fox Duck
Seal Cow Penguin
Shark Pike Piranha
Sheep Pig Goat
Shrimp Anchovy Snail
Skunk Tarantula Chinchilla
Sloth Monkey Donkey
Snail Leech Cockroach
Sparrow Chick Chicken
Spider Cockroach Ant
Squirrel Cat Hamster
Stork Heron Albatross
Swan Pigeon Duck
Tarantula Spider Scorpion
Tiger Zebra Panther
Turkey Peacock Chicken
Turtle Snail Platypus
Whale Shark Hippopotamus
Wolf Hyena Dog
Woodpecker Sparrow Rooster
Worm N/A (Starter) N/A (Starter)
Yeti Polar bear Gorilla
Zebra Horse Horse


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