This page shows all the recipes in the PC version of Doodle God. To go to a specific elements page, click on the picture of the said element.
Air. Starting element.
Airplane. Air. Car.
Alcohol. Fire. Water.
Alcoholic. Alcohol. Human.
Assassin. Human. Poisoned weapon.
Ash. Fire. Dust, Tree, Moss, Wood, Tobacco, Lizard, Snake, Treant or Book.
Ash. Dragon. Human or Hunter.
Beast. Earth. Lizard.
Beer. Alcohol. Wheat or Bread.
Bird. Air. Egg or Lizard.
Blood. Human. Dinosaur.
Blood. Hunter. Bird or Dinosaur.
Blood. Warrior. Dragon, Dinosaur, Human or Assassin.
Boat. Water. Wood.
Boiler. Metal. Steam.
Bread. Fire. Dough.

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