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Combine this With this New Element Created
Human Knowledge Tools
Human Knowledge Scientist
Human Space Astronaut
Human Tools Glass
Human Tools Metal
Human Tools Paper
Water Water Sea
Water Water Sand
Water Fire Alcohol
Water Fire Steam
Scientist Human Law
Scientist Space Rocket
Scientist Tools House
Scientist Tools Ship
Scientist Tools Airplane
Scientist Fire Plasma
Scientist Fire Energy
Scientist Water Bacteria
Scientist Water Alcohol
Scientist Metal Electricity
Tools Metal Weapon
Alcohol Human Fun
Law Tools Mechanism
Rocket Space Satellite
Ship Scientist Map
Ship Scientist Spyglass
House House Skyscraper
Plasma Space Sun
Bacteria Scientist Virus
Electricity Space Radio wave
Electricity Metal Magnet
Weapon Fire Firearm
Law Fun Games
Mechanism Paper Typewriter
Mechanism Ice Freezer
Mechanism Steam Steam engine
Light bulb Scientist Computer
Light bulb Radio wave TV
Sun Metal Gold
Sun Sea Salt
Virus Knowledge Medicine
Fire Radio wave Laser
Radio wave Radio wave Radiation
Radio wave Computer Cellphone
Magnet Glass Compass
Firearm Human Soldier
Firearm Alcohol Russian roulette
Typewriter Human Journalist
Typewriter Paper Book
Steam engine Ship Steam ship
Steam engine Metal Locomotive
Computer Computer Internet
Computer Human Cyborg
Computer Virus Hacker
Gold Paper Money
Bacteria Medicine Antibiotics
Metal Radiation Plutonium
Soldier Law Policeman
Soldier Ship Pirate
Law Book Religion
Book Laser CD
Money Human Work
Money House Bank
Money Bank Debt
Plutonium Weapon Nuclear bomb
Money Debt Credit card
Nuclear bomb House Stone
Cyborg Space Alien
Alien Rocket UFO

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