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Doodle tanks is the 6th game in the doodle god series and is about creating tanks.

Reaction list:

Hotchkiss: starting element

tools: starting element

leaf spring: starting element

Mikulin: starting element

B-3 37 mm: tools + hotchkiss

Four-cylinder: Tools + Mikulin

infantry tank hull: Four-cylinder + Leaf spring

Christie & Morozov: Leaf spring + infantry tank hull

Rolled: tools + infantry tank hull

L-11 76mm: morozov + tools

MS-1 turret: rolled + B-3 37 mm

BT turret: rolled + MS-1 turret

Welded: rolled x2

Sloped & Grabin: welded + MS-1 turret

Commander radio: Grabin + BT turret

F-34 76mm: Grabin + L-11 76mm

Shelling: F-34 76mm + L-11 76mm

Penetrability: Morozov + Grabin

MS-1: infantry tank hull + MS-1 turret

Off-road performance: Mikulin + MS-1

BT-hull: MS-1 + Christie

V-Type: BT hull + four cylinder

rubber-coated wheel: V-type + BT hull

BT-2: BT hull + BT turret

endurance: BT-2 + leaf spring

nut turret: endurance + welded

20K 45mm: morozov + BT-2

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