How to Train your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon is the third and last Quest in Doodle Kingdom. It is unlocked when the player creates the Dragon Element in the main part of the game (Genesis). The player must combine Elements to create new ones and raise each of the four types of Dragons.

List of ElementsEdit

These are the Elements in How to Train your Dragon, alphabetized.

Note: In the game, the Baby Grass Dragon is misspelled 'Babyn'. To keep the list simple, it uses the correct spelling 'Baby'.

Element Combine this and this
Adult (Water Dragon) Fish Young (Water Dragon)
Adult (Stone Dragon) Stone Young (Stone Dragon)
Adult (Grass Dragon) Tree Young (Grass Dragon)
Adult (Fire Dragon) Lava Young (Fire Dragon)
Aquarium Glass Water
Ash Candle Grass
Baby (Water Dragon) Egg (Water) Sand
Baby (Stone Dragon) Egg (Stone) Sand
Baby (Grass Dragon) Egg (Grass) Grass
Baby (Fire Dragon) Egg (Fire) Fire
Child (Water Dragon) Baby (Water Dragon) Water
Child (Stone Dragon) Baby (Stone Dragon) Earth
Child (Grass Dragon) Baby (Grass Dragon) Moss
Child (Fire Dragon) Baby (Fire Dragon) Ash
Coal Fire Tree
Dirt Earth Water
Egg (Water) Egg Water nest
Egg (Stone) Egg Stone nest
Egg (Grass) Egg Soft nest
Egg (Fire) Egg Hot nest
Fire Candle Grass
Fish Egg Water
Glass Fire Sand
Hot nest Lava Stone nest
Lava Earth Fire
Leaves Grass Water
Moss Dirt Grass
Omelet Egg Fire
Sand Stone Water
Soft nest Grass Stone nest
Stone Lava Water
Stone nest Stone Stone
Tree Grass Water
Water nest Aquarium Weed
Weed Moss Water
Young (Water Dragon) Child (Water Dragon) Weed
Young (Stone Dragon) Child (Stone Dragon) Sand
Young (Grass Dragon) Child (Grass Dragon) Grass
Young (Fire Dragon) Child (Fire Dragon) Coal


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