Run, Santa, Run! is a quest available for the app version of Doodle God.

The quest requires you to make gifts (in the form of Elements) for various characters: Batman, Cthulhu, Dracula, a dragon, a zombie, Palpatine, Bender, Elias Ashmole, Nostradamus, and Elvis Presley.


Element Combine this and this
Absinthe Grass Alcohol
Alcohol Fire Water
Assassin Human Weapon
Beer Bread Alcohol
Brains Human Zombie
Bread Human Wheat
Crystal ball Glass Magic
Death Star Void Weapon
Glass Fire Sand
Gold Metal Philosopher's Stone
Guitar Music Wood
Joker Assassin Chaos
Philosopher's Stone Magic Quicksilver
Pirate Assassin Water
Quicksilver Metal Water
Rum Pirate Alcohol
Sacrifice Death Religion
Sun Fire Void
Sunglasses Glass Sun
Tequila Vodka Worm
Vodka Alcohol Water
Wood Human Tree
Weapon Human Metal
Zombie Death Human


Fire + Sand = Glass

Metal + Water = Quicksilver

Fire + Void = Sun

Fire + Water = Alcohol

Death + Human = Zombie

Human + Wheat = Bread

Human + Tree = Wood

Human + Metal = Weapon

Human + Weapon = Assassin

Assassin + Water = Pirate

Magic + Quicksilver = Philosopher's Stone (Ashmole Gift)

Metal + Philosopher's Stone = Gold (Dragon Gift)

Grass + Alcohol = Absinthe (Bender Gift 1)

Bread + Alcohol = Beer (Bender Gift 2)

Pirate + Alcohol = Rum (Bender Gift 3)

Alcohol + Worm = Tequila (Bender Gift 4)

Alcohol + Water = Vodka (Bender Gift 5)

Music + Wood = Guitar (Elvis Gift)

Human + Zombie = Brains (Zombie Gift)

Assassin + Chaos = Joker (Batman Gift)

Glass + Magic = Crystal Ball (Nostradamus Gift)

Glass + Sun = Sunglasses (Vampire Gift)

Void + Weapon = Death Star (Emperor Gift)

Death + Religion = Sacrifice (Cthulhu Gift)

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