Skyscraper is a puzzle available in the app version of Doodle God.

Some Elements must be created more than once (Fire must be created twice, Swamp must be created three times, Clay and Fire needs to be created twice) to get multiple copies of them.


Element Combine this and this
Bacteria Life Swamp
Bricks Clay Fire
Cement Clay Limestone
Clay Sand Swamp
Concrete Cement Water
Fire Stone Stone
Glass Fire Sand
House Bricks Concrete
Limestone Shells Stone
Plankton Bacteria Water
Shells Plankton Stone
Skyscraper Glass House
Swamp Earth Water


Earth + Water = Swamp (3 Times)

Sand + Swamp = Clay (2 Times)

Stone + Stone = Fire + Stone + Stone (2 Times)

Fire + Sand = Glass

Clay + Fire = Bricks

Life + Swamp = Bacteria

Bacteria + Water = Plankton

Plankton + Stone = Shells

Shells + Stone = Limestone

Clay + Limestone = Cement

Cement + Water = Concrete

Bricks + Concrete = House

Glass + House = Skyscraper

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