Doodle God 2 Technology Group

The Technology group consists of "technology/electronic" elements, and appears in Doodle God 2, Doodle Devil (PC), and Doodle Devil (App). Files in the Flash version of Doodle God 2 and Doodle Devil call it Hitec ("High-tech").

Elements in the Technology groupEdit

Elements in Doodle God games.
Doodle God 2
DG2Rocket DG2Satellite DG2Laser Doodle God 2 CD DG2Lightbulb DG2TV Nuclear bomb Doodle God 2 Cellphone Doodle God 2 Computer Doodle God 2 Internet
Doodle Devil (PC)
DDCar DDElectricity DDRadiowave DDRobot DDTV DDComputer Ai DDCyborg DDCellphone DDInternet

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