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The Necromancer's Uprising is the second Quest in Doodle Kingdom. It is unlocked when the player creates the Element Necronomicon in the main part of the game (Genesis). The player must combine Elements to create new ones and help build the strength of the Necromancer.

List of Elements

These are the Elements in The Necromancer's Uprising, alphabetized.

Element Combine this and this
Beast Forest Warlock
Bones Crypt Warlock
Catacombs Cave Shovel
Cauldron Cave Warlock
Cauldron with water Cauldron Lake
Cave N/A (starter) N/A (starter)
Corpse Grave Shovel
Crypt Graveyard Warlock
Cursed ghost Dark magic Ghost
Dark magic N/A (starter) N/A (starter)
Demon Catacombs Dark magic
Drowned Corpse Lake
Empty forge Lumber Stone
Forest N/A (starter) N/A (starter)
Forge Empty forge Skeleton servant
Ghost Crypt Warlock
Grave Graveyard Warlock
Graveyard N/A (starter) N/A (starter)
Horror of depths Demon Lake
Lake N/A (starter) N/A (starter)
Lumber Forest Orc
Mereman Drowned Ghost
Orc Cave Warlock
Orc rider Orc warrior Warg
Orc warrior Orc Weapon
Ore Orc Stone
Plant Forest Warlock
Poison Cauldron with water Poison plant
Poison plant Dark magic Plant
Poisoned lake Lake Poison
Shovel Cave Warlock
Skeleton Bones Dark magic
Skeleton servant Cave Skeleton
Skeleton warrior Skeleton servant Weapon
Soup Cauldron with water Plant
Stone Cave Orc
Troll Dark magic Orc
Walking tree Forest Ghost
Warg Beast Dark magic
Warlock N/A (starter) N/A (starter)
Weapon Forge Ore
Werewolf Beast Ghost
Zombie Corpse Dark magic
Zombie warrior Weapon Zombie