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The Return of the King is the first Quest in Doodle Kingdom. It is unlocked when the player creates the Castle Element in the main part of the game (Genesis). The player must combine Elements to create new ones and restore glory to the kingdom.

List of ElementsEdit

Element Combine this and this
Lazy knights Prince Castle
Rusty weapon Prince Castle
Backwoods Prince Forest
Druid Prince Forest
Dragon's blood Prince Druid
Recipe Prince Druid
Dark cave Prince Backwoods
Dogberry Prince Backwoods
Pond Prince Backwoods
Mermaid Prince Pond
Water lily Prince Pond
Fragrant mixture Water lily Dogberry
Potion of sobriety Fragrant mixture Dragon's blood
Sleeping dragon Prince Dark cave
Stone Prince Dark cave
Peasant Prince Village
Tavern Prince Village
Drunken smith Prince Tavern
Innkeeper Prince Tavern
Thief Prince Tavern
Smith Drunken smith Potion of sobriety
Broken necklace Sleeping dragon Thief
Gold Sleeping dragon Thief
Necklace Broken necklace Smith
Potion of persuading Necklace Mermaid
Knights Potion of persuading Lazy knights
Empty cave Knights Sleeping dragon
Ore Empty cave Prince
Pickaxe Ore Smith
Plow Ore Smith
Meat Gold Peasant
Milk Gold Peasant
Beer Gold Innkeeper
Drunken peasants Beer Peasant
Militia Drunken peasants Prince
Rockshaper Pickaxe Peasant
Plowman Peasant Plow
Mill Rockshaper Village
Castle wall Castle Rockshaper
Forge Smith Castle
Sharp weapon Forge Rusty weapon


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